About Us

We are the RainCity team.  We hope to be helping you or our neighbors soon with what is bugging you.  We have a wealth of experience and we love to help people.

Bill Green - RainCity Pest Control Owner

Bill Green


Mr. Green has over 15 years of pest control experience along with over 10 years as a Branch and District Manager for two of the largest pest control companies in the world. He has a proven track record as a top performer. These achievements are built on a passion for customer service and a commitment to excellence. Mr. Green leads by example and coaches for success. I look forward to applying my skills and knowledge with RainCity Pest Control.  My biggest enjoyment is helping people

Shane Roberts - RainCity Pest Control Owner

Shane Roberts


Mr. Roberts has over 5 years of pest control experience and over 17 years of sales and customer service experience.   Mr. Roberts successfully directed training, sales, marketing, and executing on priorities for his territory. His skills and experience advising clients in different industries have complimented his career in pest control enabling Mr. Roberts to have great success as a technician and a team leader in pest control. By emphasizing the importance of effective communication thinking outside the box, he has been able to lead his direct reports to individual and collective success. Mr. Roberts’ diverse skill set and relentless work ethic give him the confidence to help people solve their issues.

Alex Arnaud - RainCity Pest Control Owner

Alex Arnaud


Mr. Arnaud has over 9 years of pest control experience along with over 5 years as an Operations Manager for the largest Pest Control Company. Mr. Arnaud has extensive experience with the installation of bird prevention applications. Mr. Arnaud has an incredible work ethic which has been showcased in his determination to work with his staff to ensure they achieve the targets that have been outlined for them.